Dohipa Limited is a registered limited liability company with registration number RC 1320306. The Company came into being to take advantage of Nigerian Government’s clarion call for investment in the downstream of the agricultural value chain to diversify the nation’s economy. Establishing Dohipa Limited is a way of contributing our quota to the nation’s development. 

Dohipa   limited is established to satisfy the craving of individuals who cares for highly hygienically processed foods. The firm is currently processing Meat and Fish through a process and equipment suitable for smoking in a hygienic environment under well controlled heat with no traces of smoke in the final product. This mode of processing reduces excesss fat and enable the product to have longer shelf life that can last for 3 months and above. Otherwise processed destroys the nutritional value and also harmful to your health.

We ensure that the processed Meat and Fish are packaged neatly in nylon to maintain its freshness till consumption.


To ensuring that our Clients have access to well processed healthy foods


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Responsiveness